Banal respiratory infections can cause children obesity

There is a theory that is supported by many scientists, according to which, in many cases, obesity is a disease having a viral nature. New evidence for this rather bold hypothesis, has received American researchers – in their opinion, some adenoviruses, affecting children and causing them acute respiratory viral infection, flu-like, able to provoke in the further occurrence of overweight and obesity.

Scientists from the University of California, San Diego (University of California in San Diego) examined 124 children and adolescents aged 8 to 18 years to figure out which of them have antibodies to adenovirus 36 (AD36). This is one of several dozen strains of adenovirus that affect humans and cause the body to a host of respiratory, gastrointestinal and other infections. AD36 is the only human adenovirus, which is associated with obesity.

The scientific results indicate that the AD36-positive children (having antibodies to the virus AD36) weighed on average almost 22 pounds more than those who have antibodies to the virus were found. Within the group of participants with the established presence of excess weight those who had signs of active infection caused by AD36, weighed 16 kg more than healthy peers, who did not have blood antibodies to AD36. According to researchers, the presence of overweight in childhood significantly increases the risk of future problems such as heart diseases, liver disease and diabetes.

“Self-regulation of body weight, overweight, and his appearance – a phenomenon much more complex than assumed, and the data of our study confirm the fact that adenoviral infection can also be one of the causes of obesity,” writes Professor Jeffrey Schwimmer (Jeffrey B. Schwimmer), one of the authors of scientific work.

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