Bronchitis in medicine is called the inflammatory process that occurs in the respiratory tract, namely in the bronchi. This disease is not considered dangerous to health and life, but in the absence of proper treatment bronchitis can cause complications. Doctors there are several types of bronchitis, each of them has distinctive symptoms. In addition, and treatment of each of the species under consideration, the inflammatory process will be different.


Doctors distinguish the following types of bronchitis the causes of its occurrence:

  1. Viral bronchitis – inflammation develops on the background of diagnosed acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, adenovirus disease;
  2. toxic-chemical – appears in the background of a General poisoning of the organism, or with regular inhalation of toxic substances (it may be, for example, under unfavorable conditions of work or residence);
    tuberculous bronchitis, is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is always present in the bronchi, even in early tuberculosis;
  3. infectious bronchitis – bronchitis is triggered by reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, in some cases inflammatory disease develops on the background of atypical bacteria (chlamydia);
  4. allergic bronchitis – occurs only on the background of existing allergic reaction to any external or internal stimulus.

Produce another type of bronchitis, mycobacterial, but it is very rarely diagnosed and is rather the exception. Called a type of inflammation in the bronchi of non-tubercular mycobacteria.

Bronchitis medicine differentialsa and the type of flow (this is the most common classification of diseases):

  • acute bronchitis – inflammation of the lungs, which occurs in acute respiratory-viral infections or the flu (mostly), easy to treat and after 3-4 weeks of proper therapy the patient fully recovers;
  • chronic bronchitis – characterized by long duration (at least 6 months), persistent cough and is the most common form of the disease in adults.

The doctor can determine the types of bronchitis development. There are only 2 – primary and secondary. In the first case, the inflammatory process develops independently of pathological changes or lesions in the respiratory no. But in secondary bronchitis always diagnosed the underlying disease, which developed an inflammatory process (e.g., flu). There is also obstructive bronchitis, but he is seen without connection with other types of/types of/forms of the inflammatory process in the bronchi, so in this article its description will be placed under a separate heading.


bronkhit-lechenie-antibiotikami Bronchitis, regardless of its type and form, must be treated. Directly therapeutic interventions can take place at home – only hospitalization to be patients with severe bronchitis or with General intoxication symptoms.

A very important role in the treatment of bronchitis of various types plays a physical therapy – some doctors claim that without it even the most competent of treatment with medications do not give quick and desired effect. The most effective methods of physiotherapy for bronchitis are:

Warming the chest – can only be assigned as additional medical procedures after removed exacerbation of chronic bronchitis or passed the first stage of treatment of acute.

Massage is done with poorly outgoing sputum, provides the best disclosure of the bronchi and the acceleration of the outflow of serous-purulent or purulent sputum.

Therapeutic breathing exercises – helps restore normal breathing and to get rid of shortness of breath.

Inhalations for bronchitis. Hard to call them exclusively with physiotherapy, because for the most part these procedures are complete therapy.


In folk medicine, there are dozens of recipes that are effective in the treatment of bronchitis of various types/forms and types. Almost all of them approved by the official medicine and can safely be used during exacerbation of chronic bronchitis or acute care odds are considered inflammatory process. These include:

Mix equal amount of sunflower seeds, carrots and alcohol (dilute it with water in proportion 1:1). Stir and infuse for 12 hours. Then, the resulting tool, take 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals, drink or eat it is not necessary. After 3 days all symptoms considered disease will disappear, and if you are treatment of chronic bronchitis, the frequency of exacerbations is significantly reduced.

Mix in a saucepan interior 500 gr of lard, the same of butter and sugar. Put on fire and bring to dissolve on a slow fire. Give the tool a little to cool and add 500 g of honey and three tablespoons of cocoa (in powder). Ready means take 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach, drinking warm milk (in any quantity). This tool is of great help for acute and chronic bronchitis, quickly removing the symptoms of these diseases.

Mix a kilo of honey, half a liter of aloe juice, half a liter of liquid suet (pork), add a lot of grated dark chocolate, to turn everything into a homogeneous mass by heating in a water bath. Take the remedy twice a day for a spoonful before a meal (at least 30 minutes before a meal) to the disappearance of the symptoms of bronchitis.

To relieve coughing and promote restful sleep the patient is recommended for night put on chest packs that can be cooked “in uniform” potatoes (just rastolita it, wrap in cloth and apply to upper chest), alcohol solution (the alcohol is diluted with water in proportion 1:1 or use vodka) or cabbage leaf and honey.

In folk medicine, there are also inhalation, however, they use only natural ingredients. For example, you can use the leaves of sage and thyme – they will reduce inflammation, chamomile flowers have an antiseptic, oregano, and mint – calming effect helps to relax bronchial tubes and remove the attack of severe coughing.

Traditional methods treat bronchitis can be used only after consultation with your doctor. In some cases drug therapy to ensure full recovery is impossible.


Pregnancy involves a rejection of the medication, so the development of bronchitis in the period of carrying a child considered a problem. No, no danger for the woman or for the fetus the inflammatory process in the bronchi is not. But the treatment even acute bronchitis should be conducted only under the supervision of doctors and gynecologists including.

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