Every twentieth hospitalization associated with Smoking

Every twentieth hospitalization in England, anyway, is caused by Smoking, a habit which costs the NHS 5.3 billion pounds per year. Smokers make up about one third of deaths from cancer and respiratory diseases, and the seventh part died from problems with the cardiovascular system.

Smoking is the cause of every twentieth of hospitalization in Britain, experts warn. According to British statistics, in 2007/2008, the hospital received about 1.4 million patients aged 35 years with diseases caused by Smoking. Among people in this age group, the figure is 5% of all visits to medical institutions. One in five deaths in this age group is also associated with a commitment to this harmful habit. In 2007/2008 About 83900 people died as a result of Smoking is 18% of all deaths occurred in the age of 35 years. 35% of all deaths from respiratory diseases and 29% of cancer deaths occur because of Smoking. Every seventh death from circulatory diseases has also been attributed to the effects of Smoking.

The number of smokers in 2007 declined slightly compared to 2006 (221% vs 22%), but many diseases develop over the years, so the consequences of widespread Smoking in the seventies – eighties of the last century in England are observed just now. A small decline in the number of smokers was mainly due to people who have never Smoking did not start.

The Minister of health of great Britain Gillian Merron said: “these figures reflect the sad reality about a million smokers because of their habit of annually admitted to hospital. Quitting Smoking is hard, but if you use competent health professionals, you have four times more chances of success.” Experts say that Smoking costs the country a minimum of 5.6 billion pounds a year, which is due to increased health care costs.

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