Metal penis will solve the problems in the personal sphere, the inventors promise

The University of Wisconsin presented a unique prosthesis is activated by the warmth of the artificial penis, which was created for men with erectile dysfunction. As reported the prosthesis is controlled with the remote, and when heated to 42 degrees Celsius extends to about 20 inches.

The prosthesis is inserted into the base of the penis through a small incision. The system includes a metal coil that is activated with the remote control and generates a current. Further, the coil heats the implant itself, causing it to increase in size. So it turns out an erection. In the manufacture of the system, the researchers used a nitinol metal alloy of Nickel and titanium that can change shape at different temperatures.

The system has been tested on animals, and people can begin to put in a few years. It is suitable for patients who have experienced extensive surgery in the abdominal area due to bladder cancer or prostate cancer. In such a patient a lot of scar tissue that makes the standard methods of treatment for erectile dysfunction is useless.

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