Salt baths will help your child with a cold

According to a recent study, rinsing the nose with salt sea water, which has passed special processing, allows to ease the child’s condition during the cold and prevent the emergence of dangerous respiratory infections.

As you know, infections of the upper respiratory tract and sinusitis – a typical disease among children, who are often susceptible to it. In a new report, which was submitted to the Czech scientists, it has been shown that flushing of the nose with isotonic (balanced) saline solution helps to normalize healthy environment in the sinuses and prevents the development of infections in the respiratory tract and paranasal sinuses.

As experts say a new study, despite the fact that salt baths for the nose have long been considered a good remedy against common cold, scientific evidence and explanations for this phenomenon were not found before. However, after a detailed analysis of colds more than 400 children were identified and justified therapeutic properties of salt solution that is safe and effective to cure a runny nose in a child, experts say.

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