Spider venom as a remedy for impotence

Scientists from med france has discovered a new potential drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction. We are talking about the venom of the deadly Brazilian spider, which, as it turned out, can improve erections. Despite the fact that the studies were conducted on rats, the experts hope to create a new, alternative world-known viagra means from the male scourge.

The bite of the Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria nigriventer) causes a painful erection that may last for many hours and lead to impotence, the researchers note. Getting the poison of this spider, and having cleared it, the scientists injected the resulting substance to rats suffering from hypertension and severe form of erectile dysfunction. The researchers then measured the content of toxin in the animals ‘ penises and used it to relax penile tissues. It turned out that the rats increased the levels of nitric oxide, leading to relaxation and erections.

“In Brazil, accidents with venomous animals – a fairly common phenomenon, says study author Brazilian Pedrosa Nuns Kenya (Kenia Pedrosa Nunes), physiologist from the Medical University of Georgia, USA. – So what about the properties of this poison we already knew. The toxin was able to normalize erections in rats as we expected.” The Brazilian wandering spider is found throughout Central and South America. It is considered the most venomous spider in the world, and responsible for an unknown researchers number of human deaths.

The emergence in the late 1990s, years of drugs called Viagra revolutionized the treatment of impotence. For Viagra was followed by Levitra drugs and Cialis. All three medications enhance the effects of nitric oxide, a substance relaxing the smooth muscle of the penis during sexual stimulation and allows blood to fill the tissue. The spider’s venom also increases the level of nitric oxide, but the mechanism here is somewhat different. To develop a new drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction on the basis of the poison still far, but the scientists are hopeful, said Nuns. “Additional research will be required. I’m sure venom will be a pharmacological drug that will one day be able to help those people who for whatever reason can’t take Viagra,” – concludes the scientist.

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