We began testing the first vaccine against SARS, MERS

A little more than 3 years ago was the “acquaintance” of mankind with a previously unknown disease – the deadly middle East respiratory syndrome. Fortunately, scientists were able to very quickly create an effective vaccine against this disease.

Just 3.5 years ago, no one suspected the existence of middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). However, in September 2012 was registered the first case of a new form of atypical pneumonia.

To date aware of 1 400 cases of MERS, and died from new diseases more than 30% of patients. How dangerous is the disease shown by the MERS outbreak in South Korea in early summer of this year – then this kind of sick 186 South Koreans, 36 of whom died.

However, very soon a doctors may be an effective vaccine against middle East respiratory syndrome, which started its creators, the scientists from Germany and the Netherlands.

A much needed drug was created by the staff of the Munich
the Ludwig-Maximilian University (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet in Munich) in cooperation with the Dutch colleagues from the medical center at Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam).

Scientists using genetic engineering techniques, introduced into the genome of modified vaccinia virus Ankara is one of the proteins of the MERS coronavirus. The resulting “virus-mutant” absolutely safe for humans, however, after its introduction into the body, it stimulates the production of specific antibodies to the SARS coronavirus.

The effectiveness of immunization new vaccine is significantly enhanced due to the fact that it is able to cause the production of antibodies not only in the human body, but in the camel – that one-humped camels dromedaries are a source of MERS-CoV, although the animals themselves are the disease usually occurs in very mild form.

The creators of the vaccine already tested its effectiveness during the preliminary tests with the participation of 8 of dromedaries.

3 weeks after vaccination 4 animals attempt to infect them with MERS-CoV were unsuccessful, while in the control group, the camels of which immunizable, MERS symptoms manifested after infection in all animals.

In the first half of 2016 will start clinical vaccine trials involving humans.

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